Week #19 - Mommy Break #19 of 52: "It's a Family Reunion ...

—— well not really… it was my high school reunion but seeing so many old faces and reconnecting with old friends, the warm atmosphere, it truly felt like a family reunion.  

My most anticipated event of the summer took place this past weekend for Mommy Break #19 of 52, my 20 year high school reunion.  I never had a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be there, especially after the spectacular weekend, the committee planned!  From a masquerade ball to a scavenger hunt and motivational Sunday brunch, they left no stone un-turned.  What made the weekend one for the memory books was not the caliber of events, but seeing the people who made my formative high school years so incredibly memorable. Many of my classmates were truly my first friendships, some that still exist today and will continue to flourish for a lifetime. 

One of my closest, dearest friends since middle school and high school!

One of my closest, dearest friends since middle school and high school!

This is one of my shorter mommy break recaps, but before I leave I need to give a few shout outs!

Shout Out #1: To my husband:  He was awesome!  Did not complain one single time about the extensiveness of the itinerary.  Did not share one single side eye to signal he was ready to go.  He was engaged and enjoyed himself and most importantly was happy that his wife enjoyed herself.   Good job babe!

Shout Out #2:  To my mom:  Weekends like this cannot happen without grandparent (or extended family support). She leaned in.  Googled some crafting ideas (aka homemade slime); created an opportunity for cousin quality time and allowed me to enjoy my weekend fully without one care or worry about the kids. 

Shout Out #3:  Rent the Runway:  For providing access to a fabulous wardrobe to make me feel like a movie star if just one night!  I promise I will never purchase a one time occasion dress again.