Week #18: "Book Ending" Mommy Break Failure

There was so much anticipation for week #18 of my Mommy Break Project!  Group outing to see Girls Trip and ending the week with a Stevie Wonder tribute party.  Doesn’t it feel fun just reading it?  


Beginning and ending the week with a mommy break sounds like a good plan in theory.  Right? Yep, not so much.  The book ends to a great week started strong and ended weak!  



The front end: Girls Trip Movie outing.  It was a late Sunday afternoon Mommy Break, definitely leaving behind a ton of “Sunday to dos”, but I wanted to see the movie so bad, it didn’t matter.    It was sooo good.  It was funny, inspiring, re-invigorating, and engaging.  I left the theatre not only with a greater appreciation for my circle of girlfriends but anticipating when I can take my next girls trip!!  There were a few of subliminal messages in the movie, but the one that resonated with me the most is that no matter how much living life can get in the way, the one constant that will remain is your girlfriends.  True ride or die girlfriends are irreplaceable, don’t take them for granted.


Looking ahead to the new week I was excited about the party and the sitter I secured in advance.  It didn’t matter that my husband was traveling because I already had a mommy break to kick off the week and one to end the week. 


SIDEBAR: Week 18 WAS going to consist of a triple header and include an after work stop at the Museum for Contemporary Art.  That did not happen.  Not only did I forget that I had to do a kindergarten meet up for my 4YO, but my husband also commented “didn’t you already do your mommy break for the week”.  I could have let that comment immediately hit a nerve and reply “why does it matter… I can take a mommy break everyday if I need to”, but quickly decided it was not worth the argument and future mommy break resistance.  I mean, I do have 34 left to go. 


I was receiving signs all day long that this day may not end well.  The first sign taking down my daughters 36 braids and 3 hours later only having conquered 8.  The second sign the window installers being no where near done with installing 3 windows after 3 hours.  Taking down braids and installing new windows… both came to an end 8 hours later.  The final sign: the whining sound track my 4 YO delivered for about 4 hours straight definitely putting the nail in the coffin that I needed to get away from my kids. I confirmed my girlfriend’s availability for us to go to a Stevie Wonder tribute party hosted by a well known DJ.  On paper it sounded great.  In reality, I disregarded my mental and physical exhaustion as well as the neglected to do list.  We went to the party (arriving early as hell — due to my over-zealous ness to abort the household as quickly as I could once my sitter arrived).  Enjoyed a cocktail.  Listened to some music and did the “I’m ready when you are two hours later.”  Although I thoroughly enjoy the company of the girlfriend who I was with, I would have had more fun with a glass of wine and my new O Magazine in my bed (with at least one to do list item crossed off my list). 

Mommy Break Lesson Learned:  Don’t force yourself to go out.  Follow your first mind.  If you are tired (or your children have mentally and physically worn you out) determine if there is an easier way to recharge.  

Mommy Break Tip:  Dress for the occasion.  If you are not super excited about an outing save the super cute outfit!

Mommy Chore Tip:  Instead of inundating your weekend with multiple projects, pick one thing on your to do list to conquer. 

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