The Mommy Break project

Hello, my name is Nicole

Welcome to The Mommy Break Project!  I am a working mom living in the big city with my two beautiful children and husband.  In 2017, I embarked on a journey to take at least one mommy break once a week for a year.   I blogged throughout the journey on the cool experiences I enjoyed as well as some of the ups and downs.   In that year I took over 70 mommy breaks!! It was amazing to be that intentional about my self care so I could be the best mom to my children and the best wife to my husband. I learned so much about myself on the journey and received confirmation on how critical me time was to my mommy existence.  Since completing that mission, I am more committed than ever to help moms be intentional about their self care as well.  My vision is for The Mommy Break Project to become the go to destination for all things mommy breaks for all moms!