Week #20: Mommy Break #20 of 52: Pushing the Limitssss

Yep I overdid it this weekend.  It wasn’t for the sake of the Mommy Break Project (although I have adopted this “by any means necessary mindset” to make sure my me time happens).  I overdid it this weekend because I have a tendency to overdue it and not take a step back.  I won’t go further than that because it is for another post for another time. 


This weekend was comprised of two annual summer milestones’.  My 4YO son’s birthday and our annual summer event, Movies at the Walkers. The reason why they ended up on the same day — simple — it was the only weekend left to do both.  Isn’t that not rationale enough…I thought so but definitely questioned it when I woke up Sunday morning when it hurt to walk just from shear body exhaustion.  Instant remorse.


Birthday Party:

My husband and I have adopted a rule of birthday parties every other year.  Not only to try to manage costs because we can never do anything small due to number of friends we have with kids in the same age group.  But also because we don’t want to raise spoiled brats who feel entitled to have over the top birthday celebrations every year.  I was feeling pretty great about this rationale until my 6YO made us violate our own rule by announcing to her entire kindergarten classroom that she was having her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  After failed attempts of getting her to understand that, that is not how it works and that she can’t have a party every year, we recoiled and gave a tacky week of invite to her entire class to join us at the most dreaded place on earth (Scary Mommy Agrees)

But I digress.. 

Saturday I hosted 25 kids at a local bowling alley.  Easy party to execute.  Kids get to feel like they are doing something, you feed them, and then the party is over.  The party took place from 2 - 4PM giving us a solid 3 hours before being ready to welcome our guests at next party.  We pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves.  The kids had a blast.  The parents enjoyed themselves and my son felt pretty satisfied that Mommy and Daddy really do understands him when he asks for something. 

Party favor anyone... 

Party favor anyone... 

Outdoor Movie Night

Upon conclusion of the party we wrapped up a few errands and headed home to prepare for Movies at the Walkers set up.  My husband and I both had grandiose visions of 30 minute naps.  He passed out within 5 minutes hitting the pillow.  I laid there in a twilight state with a million things racing through my head of what needs to be done. Fifteen minutes later, I decided to stop faking the funk and woke up to start getting things together.  

Has anyone wondered yet where were the kids… 

Yep they were at home.  Unfortunately, the only sitter option was to hire someone to come over vs shipping them to a relative.  This is the second year we had to engage in such tactics but it actually works (especially if it is an outdoor event). Our sitter arrived right on cue as my children were asking me for the 100th time what’s for dinner 30 minutes before guests arrived.  (TGIC - Thank God for Chime by SitterCity).  She focused on getting the kids fed, bathed, and put down while we focused on finishing set up and getting dressed.  (Oh how I wish I had this option available everyday). 

Funny how much adrenaline carries you through.  50 People, Dave Chapelle’s Netflix Special, and the movie Get Out…5 hours later… the event was a HUGE success! 

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