Week #17: Mommy Break #17 of 52: Bloody Noses, Alleys, and Boobs

In that order. This week the official mommy took place place immediately after work, but not without a little child drama to set it off first. It’s the end of my workday, I am feeling exhausted and questioning whether my planned mommy break to Activate Chicago should happen.  No sooner than I hit ‘send’ on my last email for the day does my phone ring with the summer camp number flashing across the screen.  My first reaction: “Shit, I hope no one is hurt and I can’t take my mommy break”.  #TRUTH  #NOFILTER

SIDEBAR:  Am I a bad mommy because I cringe at the site of any daycare Provider, preschool, camp, or principal’s number coming across my caller ID?  I think not!  I love my children.  I truly truly do, but it is unnerving for me to stop my workday momentum to either a.) move everything around on my schedule to  leave work to pick them up and resume at home  OR b.) call my husband and engage in a round of intense negotiations to determine who needs to leave to go get said child.  This definitely builds the case for an accessible nanny but we don’t have one of those and I am feeling kind of cheap about it. 


So summer camp informs me that my 6YO daughter has a head on collision with another camp busting her lip and causing a bloody nose.  The camp counselor informs me that she is ok but just a little shaken up, I feel a sense of relief.  No fever. No puking.  No diarrhea.  No broker bones.  No emergency room needed. She good.  I inform my husband so he can leave a little earlier to get them and give her a little TLC.  I immediately snap back to reality and focus on making my week #17 mommy break happen.   I can’t let you all down!

"ACTIVATE transforms iconic Loop alleys into pop-up urban experiences. Combining the talents of Chicago’s most creative minds, the events feature art, music, and more in unique urban settings”  Sounds different right?  It was free with a free drink ticket and a quick walk from the office, so I thought I couldn’t lose.   The July Activate event took place in the alley next to the Chicago theatre.  It was really nice.  Great crowd.  Great music.  Great drinks and great food.   Great art made out of out of the ordinary materials.  I stayed for about an hour which was long enough to peruse the art, enjoy a glass of cabernet sauvignon and listen to some music.  Decompressed and ready to face whatever awaited me at home.  Mission accomplished!

My unplanned mommy break this week (which was unexpectedly relaxing) was going over my girlfriend’s house to help her with breastfeeding.  I am very passionate about breastfeeding which is a different story for a different day.  It felt great to reassure her that she can do this and that her baby can do this as well as giving her a few tips along the way.  Before I left, I cooked dinner, let my husband have a daddy break, and headed to her home.  It felt great to help someone in need (especially a close girlfriend) and hold a new baby. (I love the way a new baby smells)!!  It was also incredibly relaxing for me to step out of the evening routine if just for a couple of hours.  BONUS: The kids were asleep when I returned.