Week #16: Mommy Break #16 of 52 - Breaking the Rules!

This was another week where I didn’t know where the mommy break was going to come from but I knew I had to make it happen by any means necessary!

The first opportunity presented itself Wednesday evening immediately following work.  I had a 5PM meeting (don’t you love those) and my coworker offered to go next door after the meeting to have a quick glass of wine.  Funny.  My first internal reaction, “No Nicole, you need to get home and get dinner on so that the kids can go to bed on time”. Then I had a reality check.   It’s 6PM.  The kids are being picked up.  The dinner plan is set. My husband is fully capable of executing the morning routine.   I can’t really add too much more value between 6PM and 7PM so why not.   “Go Nicole! “  My co-worker and I (a fellow Mom whose twin daughters are the same age and have the same birthdate as my 6YO) had a glass of wine and enjoyed perusing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Sneak Peak.   I got home by 7:30PM, the sky was not falling, and the kids were on target to miss their 8PM bedtime (normal summertime evening).  So glad I made the time and chose me first! 

Nothing like a glass of wine on a beautiful summer evening... 

Nothing like a glass of wine on a beautiful summer evening... 

CONFESSION:  My planned mommy break was dinner with a close girlfriend and I had to break my own rules that I initially set forth in the Mommy Break Project Criteria post back in March and… brace yourself… bring my kids.  

A close girlfriend came in town to have a “mommy and me” weekend with her son.  My husband was traveling and it was really important to me that I reconnect with her.  

SIDEBAR: She is one of those girlfriends that you can go months without talking to and when you reconnect pick up just where you left off.  I cherish those friendships but always want to be better with nurturing them on a more consistent basis.  

The end to a a great evening... with kids in the back seat 

The end to a a great evening... with kids in the back seat 

I already allocated my weekly sitter fund so my option was dinner with my girlfriend and the kids!  I wasn’t going to sacrifice not seeing her because of my kids.  I said a quick prayer for a sibling rivalry - free evening and headed out for dinner.  My girlfriends son hops in the car with his iPad and a sense of dread came over me.  Why didn’t I remember to bring their stupid devices to distract them!  I will throw screen time rules out the window if it means having an uninterrupted conversation.  I made reservations at Chicago Q and we enjoyed catching up over a great meal and great cocktails.  I am so glad that I created the space to see her!

Mommy Break Lesson Learned: Don’t discount taking a mommy break with co-workers.  If the conversation is not consumed by work (and you enjoy the person’s company), the evening routine can wait and it’s worth the break!

Mommy Break Tip: Children are to mommy breaks what kryptonite is to Super Man. Only make an exception once and if your hand is forced make sur eyou have a device handy that they can become consumed by.  (Yes, I will let my kids be digital zombies if it gives me a minute to have adult conversation). 

Mommy Chore Tip:  Plan your meals so if you are ever not able to get dinner time started there is no excuse why you can’t keep your plans in flight.