Week #4 - Mommy Break #4 - Rain, Sleet or Snow, I Must Still Go!

So in addition to chronicling my journey to a year of weekly mommy breaks, I host a monthly MomMeHours.  MomMeHours are monthly social events for moms to help encourage them to take time for themselves. I typically offer access to free or discounted child care since that is often a barrier to escape. On the weeks that I have a scheduled MomMeHour event, that will also be my mommy break for the week. (C'mon I can't push it too far with my husband.  I need him to last 48 more weeks)!


This month's event was scheduled as a "Happy MomMeHour" at a local bar. It was easy enough to plan and I thought an easy event for moms to commit to. 


SIDE BAR:  my events have historically had low attendance but I am staying committed to my mission and am confident that more moms will raise their hand to ask for help taking time for themselves. I am incredibly thankful to my mommy girlfriends who consistently support my events.



This event was a bit doomed from the start as it was torrential rain down pouring all day long.  (Talk about April Showers).  I received a few "girl it is raining", "I just want to stay in the bed" texts but I did not let any of them dissuade me. I made a commitment to host an event rain, sleet or snow and I was going to see it through. Besides if I didn't maintain my momentum and hurry up and get out of the house before my husband returned from Chuck E. Cheese and a visit to Grandma's, I was going to be stuck!  So I put on some rain boots and picked up a girlfriend for extra collateral to ensure I would not be sitting at the bar by myself. In the end it turned out to be 7 of us, with the conversation ranging from reality tv to how to make your kids do something the first time you ask them.  If anyone has any secret solution to this one please share in the comments. Although it was nothing special and it was extra cold and wet outside, engaging with other moms on the journey of motherhood is always reassuring and fun. 

Mommy Break Lesson Learned:  don't let weather make you second guess if a mommy break is worth it.  It's always worth it!

Mommy Break Tip: Bring a girlfriend along for the experience when you need the company. 

Mommy Chore Tip: Work hard to remove a major item off your to do list. I volunteered to make the sacrifice to forgo the family birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (smile) so I could knock out grocery shopping for the week. I felt much more at ease having got something off my list done while I was enjoying the company of other moms.