Week #3 - Mommy Break #3 - Delightful Deals and Dead Batteries


This week's Mommy Break happened in the 9th hour with a bittersweet end. 

It began with a friendly reminder to my husband around 5pm that I needed to take a break.  Not just because of my commitment on the Mommy Break Project but also because I was DONE!  My day started with a walk in appointment to the Pediatrician because I suspected my 4 year old had strep. Even though I wasn't 100% positive it wasn't worth second guessing and having to miss school. Mommy was right. It was strep and thankfully after 24 hours of antibiotics he would no longer be contagious! School on Monday buddy!  The day continued with violin lessons for my daughter and grocery shopping since my husband had a commitment for the entire morning. I realize I am not the mom who enjoys schlepping my kids around errands. Not my thing. 

Back to my husband. So of course he was gracious to commit to me taking my break but not before saying "Go ahead and go babe so you can hurry up and come back". Wait, "hurry up and come back". My mommy breaks are not on a schedule just like you are not on one when you spontaneously decide to have a "time stop" and watch the game with your friends.   I politely reminded him of this point and proceeded to knock out some items on my to do list before leaving. 

This weeks mommy break was random retail therapy. I didn't necessarily have a specific thing I was looking for but was open to finding a deal. I decided to go to one of my favorite stores Nordstrom Rack and I am so glad I did. I found a parking spot right in front across the street. Score!  Walking into Nordstrom Rack fillls me with such delight. There is always a deal and it's organized and the clothes are super duper cute.  I walked in to the announcement that all clearance winter boots and coats were an additional 50% off. Of course I don't need boots but it wouldn't hurt to look.   I am so glad I did because I found 2 pairs of boots that would have normally been $400 for $70!!!!!!!!  I was so overwhelmed by the awesome deals that I was there for a good hour and a half (full disclosure also got into a conversation with a mom from my sons achool). I get a call from my husband reminding me that I offered to bring dinner back ...oops.  So I quickly checked out (not before one final perusal of the clearance rack) and ran to the car. As I was running to the car I noticed that my flashers were on.   Silly Nicole. I must have forgot to turn them off after I found  my spot. I get in the car. The battery is dead!

I'm thinking "Great, Nicole brace yourself to get an ear full when you call your husband and let him know dinner is not coming anytime soon". I call my husband, who surprisingly was very understanding and then proceed to call AAA. When they informed me it would be about an hour I decide to continue the retail therapy and search for home decor at Marshalls. Fast forward an hour later.  AAA came on scheduled, I found some nice throw pillows for my couch, I treated myself to Chipotle, for dinner and despite the bumpy end to my Mommy Break, drove home with delight in my heart that I made time for me!

Mommy Break Lesson Learned:  "Me Time" can exceed your expectations even on the simplest Mommy Breaks. 

Mommy Break Tip: Don't leave your emergency flashers on (smile).

Mommy Chore Tip: None this week, I left the house with a myriad of things to do but needed to get out the house.  The sky was not falling and it was going to all be there tomorrow. and trust me... it was all there there next day waiting for me.