Week #5 - Mommy Break #5: Bluegrass, Margaritas, and a Broken Baby Toe!

Its the beginning of week 5 and similar to previous weeks I looked at the week ahead with great anticipation for that "me-moment" where I could step away from my children and responsibilities as "mommy" to recharge.  This week would be extra special because I was on my way to Nashville Tennessee for Design Thinking training with my team.  We were staying in a posh hotel with great food, drinks and entertainment throughout the itinerary.   The trip was scheduled to take place from Sunday returning Wednesday, but I returned a day early so that my husband could leave for a trip to the Dominican for a bachelor party. Wasn't that considerate of me (smile).  "Do unto others..." Nashville is a pretty awesome city!  Highlights included sampling official Tennessee "hot chicken" at Party Fowl and experiencing my first taste of "BlueGrass" music. 


I returned Tuesday evening feeling exhausted and "some kind of way" that my husband was leaving in less than 8 hours.  It may have been due to him sharing he wasn't that excited about the trip  (after I chose to leave my training a day early for his trip) or maybe the litany of errands that I would need to do with the kids Friday - Sunday.    I felt an urgent need to put a "punctuation" on the end of the work week my way!  I thought Cinco de Mayo was a perfect opportunity!  I protected my Friday afternoon so that I could leave work a little early to meet two Mommies for a margarita before starting school pick up in Chicago’s Friday rush hour traffic.    Margaritas make everything better… at least temporarily.  The warm and fuzzy feeling that I could conquer whatever my kids would bring quickly dissipated by 8PM with the constant “Stoppp it”   “Mommy he’s, bothering me”  By the end of of the weekend, I was mentally and physically exhausted!

After our whirlwind weekend of competing children activities, multiple birthdays, and of course grocery shopping, I experienced what surely was going to be icing on the cake.  After returning home early Sunday evening from a gymnastics birthday party, I noticed that my 6YO was sitting quietly at the kitchen table with sock off and wet paper towel in hand to tend to her “ouch-y”.  I stopped dinner cooking and inquired.  While inspecting her foot, I noticed her toe was swollen and bleeding.  I gently moved her baby toe and she screamed. I thought, “You have got to be kidding me”.   If this toe was broken, this would surely send Mommy over the edge!  My first reaction was to panic because I could not bear the thought of schlepping a 4YO and 6YO to the emergency room, but I decided to take a breath and first contact the Pediatrician.  She talked me off the ledge and informed me that it is little they can do if it was indeed broken and to instead give her some ibuprofen and bring into walk ins.  To me it sounded like a great welcome home gift for my husband before starting his work week after his 5 day tropical vacay (smile).  Being the great husband that he is, he obliged and I still ran late to work.  😃

Mommy Break Lesson Learned:  Always try to end the week on your terms because you have no idea what tomorrow may bring. 

Mommy Break Tip: You’re worth the trip even if it is a quick cocktail with a girlfriend before resuming business as usual!

Mommy Chore Tip: Chores barely happened this weekend which turned out to be a stressor to a smooth beginning to a new week.