Week #38 of 52: Finding Your Second Wind

It goes without saying that being a mom is pretty exhausting and oftentimes at the end of the week, you want to just blink your eye so your kids are bathed and in bed and you are right behind them.   This week’s mommy break required me to find my second wind at 9:30PM  on a Friday night right when I was getting mentally settled on staying in the house for the evening.  Having an event-less week with an in-home mommy break actually sounded great given the week prior I was running at 120 mph to ensure I could truly enjoy my 2 week holiday break.    One of my girlfriends’ had invited me out for drinks an hour earlier but when I had not yet received the confirmation, an hour later I started getting mentally prepared to put on my pajamas, pour a glass of wine, and catch up on Empire.  Right when I started getting mentally settled on how my week was going to end, I receive a text from my girlfriend “get dress be there in 15 minutes”.  I looked at my husband hoping he would guilt me into staying home but nope, he looked at me and said “go ahead babe and go out”.  My girlfriend picked me up, we went to Ja Grill and enjoyed some great conversation and a couple of rum punches. I was so glad I found my second wind and went!

Speaking of second wind, as we close out the final week of 2017, I encourage all of you to find your second wind and be intentional about your me time in 2018.  There are a ton of reasons why you can’t make a mommy break happen on a regular basis, but there will always be one reason you should make it happen: because you deserve it.  There will always be laundry, dishes to unload and load into the dishwasher, children’s activities, and other life commitments, but at the end of the day none of it will be executed successfully if your tank is running on empty.  Be intentional in 2018 about keeping your tank at least 3/4 full by pouring into yourself via self care.  It may be a mani pedi (or just a mani), retail therapy, or coffee with a friend.  Any and all of it counts if it leaves you feeling a little less stressed and a little more rejuvenated to navigate this journey called motherhood!

Talk to you next week!

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