Week #37 of 52: It's Our Anniversary...

This week’s mommy break was spent celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with my dear husband!  No one would have been able to tell me Spring of 2004 that my condo purchase would also include a handsome neighbor who helped me catch my mice (long story), become my boyfriend and ultimately my husband! It has been a journey but I do believe the marriage continues to get better with time.  I am so grateful that my steps were ordered to meet him!  We celebrated by going to the Art of Touch class at Spa Space and experienced the fabulous tasting menu at Topolobampo.  What made the evening special was not the massages and the fabulous meal (which were all nice) but an exercise that I was inspired by a co-worker to do.  We each had to share three things that we love about the other person and three things that we learned about them this past year. Our roles kind of changed.  I am typically the person who makes sure I capture everything on paper where he is more laid back and off the cuff, however, on the uber ride to dinner he decided to write down his items and I chose not to.    We decided to share our thoughts over dinner.   The conversation was far more valuable than any gift he could have given me (hmmmm maybe not if it was emerald cut diamond studs <just kidding>) because it left me truly feeling like “my husband really pays attention”  “my husband really knows me”. Now I am not saying that I was not aware of these things before, but it is always heartwarming when you can pause have those moments of validation, especially when life is going 100 mph.    This week’s post is intentionally short due to my focus on promoting the 12 Days of Mommy Breaks!  Did you sign up yet?  

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