Week #39 of 52: "Over the River and Through The Woods ... "

To Grandmother's House We Go! 

Every year we go to visit my family in the Detroit area the day after Christmas.  In the last two years, this trip has become a true mommy and daddy treat because we drop the kids off at my Mom’s and brace yourself… reserve a hotel room!    I cannot take any credit for this idea as it was actually my husband’s.  When he first shared the idea, I thought… hmmm isn’t that putting too much on my mom and I quickly snapped back to my senses realizing I have a fully capable and vibrant mom. 😃They get uninterrupted quality time with the grandparents and my husband and I get uninterrupted kid-free grown up time.  My 5YO actually had the nerve to push us out the house stating “Mommy, you can go now”… “Don’t worry son, you have said nothing but a word”. Here were some highlights from the trip:  

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep: Your first thought may be that we tried to turn up every  night… NOT.  I actually got to have 8 hours of sleep every night.  You never realize how sleep deprived you are until you have a full night of sleep a couple of days in a row and feel so refreshed and are startled by feeling so refreshed. 

"Vegan please": My husband and I are have been very intentional about eating less meat and he would really wants to go full on vegan (I am not there yet) so to show my support, I made reservations to checkout the popular, Detroit Vegan Soul.  The food was excellent and we got to connect with family and do it all without the kids.  #winning

Treating myself:  Every woman has that one thing that they really want to treat themselves too.  It may be a spa day or a special pair of shoes, or a new lipstick.  Mine:  a pair of uggs.  I have wanted some for so long and tis’ the season to treat yourself.  I went to DSW who was sold out of the pair I really wanted to I settled for a pair that was just luke warm about.  I am someone who just feels mentally unsettled when I don’t just do what I really want to do.  So the next day I went to Nordstroms and found the pair that I really wanted in the first place.  I haven’t worn them yet but I was so excited to treat myself! 

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