Welcome to the Mommy Break Project!  My name is Nicole and I am a working Mom living in the big city with my two beautiful children and husband.  My mission is to be intentional about putting "me" first for an entire year at least once a week so that I can achieve the perpetual state of "happy mommy" .   That's 52 Mommy Breaks!  I get excited just thinking about the possibilities!   I hope that my journey inspires you to do the same!  Enjoy! 

Week #39 of 52:  "Over the River and Through The Woods ... "

Week #39 of 52: "Over the River and Through The Woods ... "

To Grandmother's House We Go! 

Every year we go to visit my family in the Detroit area the day after Christmas.  In the last two years, this trip has become a true mommy and daddy treat because we drop the kids off at my Mom’s and brace yourself… reserve a hotel room!    I cannot take any credit for this idea as it was actually my husband’s.  When he first shared the idea, I thought… hmmm isn’t that putting too much on my mom and I quickly snapped back to my senses realizing I have a fully capable and vibrant mom. 😃They get uninterrupted quality time with the grandparents and my husband and I get uninterrupted kid-free grown up time.  My 5YO actually had the nerve to push us out the house stating “Mommy, you can go now”… “Don’t worry son, you have said nothing but a word”. Here were some highlights from the trip:  

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep: Your first thought may be that we tried to turn up every  night… NOT.  I actually got to have 8 hours of sleep every night.  You never realize how sleep deprived you are until you have a full night of sleep a couple of days in a row and feel so refreshed and are startled by feeling so refreshed. 

"Vegan please": My husband and I are have been very intentional about eating less meat and he would really wants to go full on vegan (I am not there yet) so to show my support, I made reservations to checkout the popular, Detroit Vegan Soul.  The food was excellent and we got to connect with family and do it all without the kids.  #winning

Treating myself:  Every woman has that one thing that they really want to treat themselves too.  It may be a spa day or a special pair of shoes, or a new lipstick.  Mine:  a pair of uggs.  I have wanted some for so long and tis’ the season to treat yourself.  I went to DSW who was sold out of the pair I really wanted to I settled for a pair that was just luke warm about.  I am someone who just feels mentally unsettled when I don’t just do what I really want to do.  So the next day I went to Nordstroms and found the pair that I really wanted in the first place.  I haven’t worn them yet but I was so excited to treat myself! 


Week #40 of 52: Mom - Embrace Your Greatness!

Week #38 of 52:  Finding Your Second Wind

Week #38 of 52: Finding Your Second Wind