Week #36 of 52: A One of a Kind Saturday

You may be wondering why its was a one of a kind Saturday.  Well it was for a couple of reasons: 

  1. My husband was out of town so I had to schlepp both kids to basketball, leave early and drop my daughter off at a playdate
  2. My son and I had to be grocery shopping buddies and I am a mom who does not care for shopping with kids
  3. Came home did laundry housework, anticipating the arrival of my girlfriend and her family whose husband offered to watch the kids while we went to the One of a Kind show (that was pretty awesome considering he didn’t feel good)
  4. Returned home by early evening, greeted my husband was grumpy and tired from traveling, made dinner, waiting on babysitter just in time to Uber to the Common and Erykah Badu concert to join some friends. 

I am sure it sounds quite exhausting to many of you reading this but oddly enough… it was pretty manageable.  I didn’t feel cheated of me time nor did I feel overwhelmed by lack of not conquering my mommy chore list.  I always feel super blessed when I can have a mommy break double header.  Here are some highlights from both events: 

One of a Kind Show

Chicago Moms, have you heard of it?  Have you attended?  If not, add it to your list of mommy break ideas, because it will be back in the Spring!  When my girlfriend invited me at the beginning of the week, my first thought was “No, I already have a mommy break planned”.  Then I snapped out of it and reminded myself that this experience is as much about me getting away once a week as it is about my trying new experiences.  It was SO worth it.  It takes place on the 7th floor of the Merchandise Mart and features hundreds (literally hundreds) of creatives an their fabulous products and services.  There were artists, jewelry designers, fashion designers.  There were spa products, one of a kind stationary, and children’s accessories.  You could definitely spend an entire day or even two days to experience the entire show.  The icing on top is that there are foodie creatives who feature samples of their products as well!  Here were some of my favorites: 

  • Pinch Me Dough Therapy:  It is like playdoh for moms.  Designed by a license therapist, it combines the power of aromatherapy and touch to provide the ultimate experience of being able to quickly decompress in the moment. 
  • Twisted Egg Rolls :  They were exactly that and SO good.  WE tried the buffalo chicken and philly cheese steak
  • ReBel Jewelry Designs :  Custom designed jewelry accented with swaroski crystals.  Found the perfect Xmas gift for my mom (I hope she is not reading this post)
  • Urban Accents :  A necessity for the foodie in your life featuring custom made sauces and seasonings!  Tasting it out this week on some jack fruit nachos… stay tuned for a review!
  • Scratch Goods: Local spa located in the west loop featuring amazing handmade products from scratch based on science!  I picked up some sage to kill the cold germs in my house and beeswax lip butter which is divine!

Common and Erykah Badu Concert

I always love to experience live music especially when the artists are great!  Common gives a great live performance.  Erykah… very eclectic but great nonetheless.  Both left me wanting to hear more.  My husband is not a big fan for concerts but this one required no coercing and it was in the company of great friends.   The only damper:  everyone had the idea to uber to the concert so waiting on one to get back home was a bit annoying. 

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