Week #25: Mommy Break #25 of 52 - Moms: "Say It Witcha Chest"

Do you remember this phrase from Kevin Hart’s Seriously Funny 2010 Stand Up Routine” ?

Disclaimer: By sharing this video, I am by no means condoning the use of the "N-word". 

Three guys decided to bring the infamous phrase to life by hosting a “Say It Witcha Chest” party in Chicago.  Imagine, 300 of your closest friends creating and wearing some pretty provocative, raunchy, authentically hilarious t-shirts.  Layer in drinks and a DJ and you pretty much have the recipe for a pretty dope party.  Year 5 was no exception, especially since my husband and I were able to enjoy it together!

Friends enjoying the party!

Friends enjoying the party!


But when thinking about Kevin’s stand up routine, I was inspired by the fact that the phrase “Say It Witcha Chest” is really a good reminder of the posture we need to sometimes take as Moms with our partners and kids.  Here are the top 3 situations where moms will probably always need to “Say It Witcha Chest” to get a positive reaction. 

DISCLAIMER:  By no means am I implying that these are situations I know intimately from firsthand experience (wink wink) 

Situation #1:  Your kids act like they are hard of hearing!  You ask once nicely for them do something (e.g. get dressed, brush your teeth, come eat, pick up your toys, etc.  you get my point).  No response.   You ask one more time… still no response.  If you have to ask a 3rd time,  you better “Say It Witcha Chest” and I bet you they jump into action. It works … trust me!

Situation #2: Your husband comments on housekeeping tasks not being done in the house.  Your first reaction may be to lose it but don’t do that because it will be a lose lose situation.  The recommended reaction: “Say It Witcha Chest” and let him respectfully know that you are quite aware of what needs to be done and you will get to it when you can.  

Situation #3:  You look at the week ahead and notice that your husband/partner and/or your kids will have multiple opportunities to have a break.  You are feeling desperate to get at least one hour to regroup, relax and recharge.  Your husband/partner gives you some resistance by way of not immediately stating “Honey, take whatever time you need… I will take care of whatever you need meet to… “,  You “Say It Witcha Chest” that you need to get out to the house for a minute and proceed to quickly grab your things and leave out of the house.  You may be leaving a couple of stunned faces behind but they will be ok. 

Situation #4:  Your child is whining about their sibling not sharing AGAIN.  You “Say It Witcha Chest” and firmly remind them both that if they don’t figure it out you will take all the toys away AND make them take a nap. 

So you get my point.  Moms need to Say It Witcha Chest every once a while to get the positive reaction we sometimes need from our families to maintain our sanity. Its not about yelling or completing losing it (sometimes you have to do that every now and then too) but simply letting your family firmly know… MY NEEDS MATTER TOO!

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