Week #26 - Mommy Break #26 of 52: Psyching Myself Up After Cycmode!

Have you ever gone into a situation expecting one thing but getting so much more out of it. 

I had the pleasure of going to a CycMode spin class on Saturday for Bloggers and Influencers.  My expectation: get a good workout, connect with a few good people, and go to the grocery store to finish weekly shopping. I got that and so much more!  

First, CycMode.  By far one of the most amazing and immersive spin class experiences I have ever had.  They take it beyond just being on a stationary bike and jamming out to good music.  You see, they take it two steps further. Stationary bikes that are moveable from side to side and a 40ft screen that delivers a virtual reality experience and immerses you in different “trips”.  The class was so experiential that I had a temporary lapse and forgot how intense the training was.  How awesome is that?

It felt great not to be in mommy mode on Saturday!

It felt great not to be in mommy mode on Saturday!

The class wrapped and we were greeted with poke bowl samples from Poke and Roll.  Healthy bean dips and juices from the Here company and a little caffeine boost from High Brew Coffees.  Attendees were asked to post to social media and socialize.  I met Food Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers, and Fitness Bloggers.  I felt inspired hearing their success stories but couldn’t help but to reflect on my own journey. I realize that Rome was not built in a day and neither will the Mommy Break Project.  What I do know for sure, as I celebrate the half way mark in my 52 week journey is that every Mom needs a break. Whether they are moms that have them every day or only once every few months,  it is my mission to not only inspire moms but truly motivate them to get in action to be intentional about their me-time and make no excuses about it.  I left the Cycmode event psyching myself up for the work ahead (because it is going to take some work) to really build something great!  For those of you who have been with me on this journey since the beginning … thank you.  For those of you just joining me… hold me accountable to my mission of inspiring and motivating you to put yourself first.  Until next week… 

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