Week #13 - Mommy Break #13: Flowers, Sprinkles, and Sparkles

Summer is delivering triple header mommy breaks week after week.   YAAASSSSS I LOVE summer!  

Sunday kicked off the first mommy break opportunity with a flower planting challenge as a continuation from Week #12’s mommy break.  If you recall from last week’s break, my husband was a bit overzealous and ordered a ridiculous amount of top soil to be delivered.  I can’t have barren flower beds, so Sunday I spent the day planting over 60 annuals and perennials.  With my knee pads and garden gloves in tow I immersed myself in planting.  As much as I thought it would be hard work it  turned into an unexpected mommy break. My kids were not really feeling it after planting maybe two flowers so instead of trying to force  a “learning opportunity”, I let them go about their merry way and stay out of my way! It turned out to really be a stress reliever and I am anxiously awaiting to plant more!

Nicole's Flower Bed


My planned mommy break was hosting a baby sprinkle for a a dear friend on Friday evening after work.  I LOVE entertaining and if it was conducive to my schedule and “entertainment” budget I would host a gathering all the time.  Although it was a little work on my part, I thoroughly enjoyed hosting girlfriends over good conversation and good eats!  It was a great kick off to the 4th of July weekend!  

The week ended at a fabulous 70th birthday for my husband’s best friend’s mom (did you catch that).  Talk about bringing in 70 in style!   The theme was  “Birthday Blast Thru the Decades”.  Not only was it open bar and great food, but it also included casino games, a selfie station, and 3 Comedians!  I hope that God blesses me to be that jazzy and full of life and love at 70!  Happy Birthday Mrs. Tyler!

Let my summer continue!  Are you taking advantage of the sunshine and longer days???  It will be over before you know it!