Week #14 - Mommy Break #14: Let's Take, A Long Walk...

Unlike Jill Scott's "Long Walk around the park after dark"  with a love interest... My long walk was some girlfriends .. but there was "exercise and elevation" (if I have already lost you... listen to the lyrics) :)

Have you ever been dead dog tired and pushed yourself to do something that you really didn’t feel like doing anyway (“uh yea Nicole.. we are Moms"), to only feel great that you pushed yourself to do it!  Yep, that was Mommy Break #14.    To conclude my 4th of July LONG holiday weekend, some girlfriends and I took a 5 mile walk along the beautiful Chicago lakefront. Half-way we took a detour to do lunch and Sangria at Chant restaurant.   The weather, company, and conversation were all the ingredients to a fulfilling mommy break!

It was 5 of us who took partook in this mommy break, albeit not all moms but with all commonalities that we could easily bond over.  Our conversation spanned from inequities in urban public education, gentrification, attaining higher levels of education for career advancement, the new Bronzeville podcast, bad uber drivers (and being in accidents with them) to giving your friends unconditional love and support when they need it the most.  Don’t you love friends who can talk about anything with and also feel like you grow personally from just interacting with them?  Yep, that’s this crew. 

Although I started feeling the intensity during the last half-mile, the company and conversation made the walk pretty effortless.  I walked away from this mommy break, no pun intended, with a deep sense of gratitude for the friendships that I have.  Moreover,  loving that I have different circles of sister-friends and that they all enrich my life in different ways.