Week #11: Mommy Break #11 - An Extra Set of Hands and Joining Me On the Journey

This was a pretty low key week for the Mommy Break Project.  No real fancy plans, just the ever present reminder that I need to have a REGULAR moment away from my kids any way I can get it  (I will often remind you throughout this journey that I truly do love my kids but I know my needs as a mom).

This week’s moment away came as a result of one of my girlfriends taking me up on my offer to help her unpack her new home.  When I knew that this was a possibility for a break this week, I immediately felt like I need to plan something to go along with it.  Prior to leaving for her home, I made sure I put some “equity” into the Mommy Break Project by finishing dinner and putting the kids down.  Who knew setting helping someone else set up their pantry with a can of sangria could be such a stress relief!

As I enter week 12, I am abundantly clear that I need to figure out how to get other Moms on this journey with me.   It is really energizing to know that each week, no matter what may happen, I am going to be intentional about creating time for myself beyond grocery shopping. I often speak to other moms about the journey that I am on and more often than not, their reaction is “that sounds impossible”.  The Mommy Break Project is about making the possible impossible, creating the space for Moms to take time for themselves so we can be the best moms we can be.  Over the next few weeks, I will be trying several tactics to achieve this and would love your feedback on what works best!  

Next week’s mommy break… quintessential #summertimechi  Stay tuned!