Week #10 - Mommy Break #10: Paying Homage to the "Purple One"

One of the rules my husband and I implemented last year to be intentional about spending time together as a couple was to alternate who plans date night each month.  This allows the onus to not fall exclusively on one person which also helps to avoid the argument that starts with “You haven’t spent any time with me … “ 

June was my month so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to also be “Mommy Break #10”, besides Mommy Breaks are not only about ME getting a break from my kids but also when my husband and I can both get away.  I have officially entered the double digits with Mommy Break #10 and I decided to celebrate by paying homage to the “purple one”… no not Barney.  The artist formerly known as Prince.  

Date night was attending the The Prince Experience at the House of Blues.  From the onset of the ticket purchase, I am excited!  Date night in the middle of the week with my husband to listen to a Prince cover band on Prince’s birthday… with a free sitter!  #WINNING

We arrive at the House of Blues, great music, thematic cocktails, diverse crowd.  We are actually waiting for the band with great anticipation because the DJ was playing tons of throwbacks from the 80s that had the entire crowd dancing and singing along… can you say “Funkytown”.


It is finally time to for the band to come on.   They took their position.  They chose to kick it off with “Dearly Beloved..” 

The crowd gets hype. “Prince” starts singing. My husband looks at me and says, “Babe, I can’t do it, its just not the same” (spoken like a true Prince fan).   The band starts the second song, “Prince”  rips off the back of his pants and displays his butt cheeks.  My husband turns to me and says “I’m done, let’s go”.  LOL    Needless to say that was the end of our “Prince Experience” and date night.  

Mommy Break Lesson Learned:  Nothing is as good as the original


Mommy Break Tip: Date nights qualify as mommy breaks.  Get to planning!


Mommy Chore Tip: Ask the sitter/nanny to complete one task related to the kids that is one less thing you have to address when you return to the house.  Examples include: washing a load of kids clothes, picking up toys, or washing their dinner dishes.

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