Week #31: Mommy Break #31 of 52: Searching for a Great Find...

Mommy Break #31 was kicked off with my first drop off party experience.  It was the Sunday of Halloween week and a gracious 1st grade parent offered to host 25 first graders for a Halloween. (Real generous wasnt she?)  At the bottom of the invitation in small print was the offer to drop kids off.  “Uhhhh free babysitter to go on my mommy break… OF COURSE I am going to drop her off.”    In a brief moment of mommy empathy, I was preparing to put on my coat and leave when the host mom seemed surprised that I was going to take her up on her offer since I was so helpful at the last party. “Sorry dear, I am going to leave but I will be back to help with closing it out”.  Flattery does get you everywhere… but not in the case of getting a break from my child.  So after saying my goodbyes and connecting with a fellow mompreneur, I did a fast trot out of there to maximize my 90 minutes away.  Luckily there was an easy mommy break within 3 miles of the party.  The Chicago Antique Market at Randolph Street Market.  Although vintage is not in my style profile... I thought it would be fun experience to peruse the finds of over 200 vendors.  

SIDEBAR: Do you have that girlfriend who is so stylish she can make anything look good?  Vintage… contemporary… just a natural style maven?  I have a couple of those girlfriends, not my strong suit. 

The main exhibition hall... tons of really cool vendors!

The main exhibition hall... tons of really cool vendors!

Maybe I would luck out on a cool find!  I extended the invite to another mom earlier in the day (but she didn’t answer the phone).  No worries, I was pretty committed to making the mommy break happen with or without a companion.  Upon arriving at the event,  there were a ton of fabulous finds… the problem… I didn’t go in with any clear list in my head of things I need to keep my eye open for.  Could I use a vintage leather jacket… yes… Do I need one… no.  Could I use a new set of wine glasses… yes… Do I need them or have space for them… no?  Could I use some accent furniture pieces to decorate my house… yes… would my husband be open to leaving his Sunday football couch to come pick them up… no.  So instead of overindulging in impulse purchases I just walked the aisles, enjoyed the atmosphere and a complimentary cocktail.  There were several beautiful items for sales … it truly made me believe in the saying someone else’s … is someone else’s treasure. They will be having a holiday market in mid November! it is definitely worth checking out!

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