Week #30: Mommy Break #30 of 52 - A Little Peace and Quiet

Sometimes it’s just a little peace and quiet for you to feel relaxed and recharged.  I didn’t have a formal mommy break planned for this week but I surely took advantage of the opportunity when my husband said he wanted to go to his moms and spend the night. My first thought was just to enjoy the peace and quiet but then I offered to go baby shopping for a friend that was expecting. We went to Epic Birger and Buy Buy baby and had such a great time. It felt so nostalgic of when my 5YO and almost 7YO were babies. It left me with a momentary case of baby fever which was quickly broken once my husband and kids returned home somewhat whiny from an unadhered to bedtimes at grandmas. 

Have you ever noticed how to most simple meal can taste soooo good when you an enjoy it by yourself :) 

Have you ever noticed how to most simple meal can taste soooo good when you an enjoy it by yourself :) 


I really wanted to paint the town red Friday night but practiced restraint because I also committed to a 6am morning run and an 8am swim lesson finale. Now for some of you (maybe most of you), the thought of a 6am run when I had an open door to sleep in and treat myself to breakfast sounds absurd, me writing it out loud it definitely seems absurd.  But I have a confession: since June I have been on a bumpy road  to get back in shape. Bumpy because it has been hard to make it a habit. Bumpy because early mornings are the only time I can workout and it requires waking up at 4:30 when most evenings I do not go to bed on time. Bumpy because I am a person who needs immediate gratification and because I have not been consistent on my eating choices (or portions) I have not seen immediate results. What I do know to be true though is a committed to making this lifestyle change not necessarily to get back to the size I was as a 16 year old  but more so to feel good and have the energy and stamina to be the best mom I can be. I oddly do not think of them as mommy breaks ( my husband may beg to differ) because I feel like fitness, like eating, is a basic necessity as I get older.  So the peace and quiet I experienced Friday evening when I didn’t have to do bath time or feel like I was herding sheep when I announce “bedtime” carried over Saturday morning. Running 4 miles in 37 degrees on the lake front while it’s drizzling provided me with inner peace and quiet. With the running group in tow it was my time with my Creator. Time to reflect. Time to plan. Time to get centered. Time to just be and enjoy the peace and quiet. 




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