Week #47 of 52: Wakanda and Tesla

No they are not unique names of two people I recently met but they do represent unique experiences I had this week.  One was definitely a mommy break and the other was not because my kids were in tow. We started the week joining the thousands across the country who enjoyed the premier weekend of the movie Black Panther. It was amazing and everything that the reviews said it would be and then some.  It definitely challenged me to think about what I am doing to live out my greatness and also question my intentionality around investing in my community to be what I know it can be. We were out of a sitter but our friends graciously agreed to watch the kids for us since schools were closed the next night for President’s Day. Having to not worry about sitters and rushing home to get them off the clock make mommy breaks so much more enjoyable.

Friday we had another family date night. My husband received an email inviting him to test drive a Tesla.  Even though purchasing a Tesla is no where near our immediate purchasing reality … why not!  We grabbed the kids from school and drove an hour to the dealership to test drove a Model X.  Out of This World.   I have never had a driving experience quite like this.  From the autopilot technology to the 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, the kids had just as much fun being passengers as we did being drivers. Alas, though it was not a mommy break because my kids were with me.   By the end of the evening we were choosing between a nice sit-down dinner and pizza.  The long wait times for the restaurants and the whining coming from the backseat solidified the pizza decision. 

Only 4 weeks left on this 1 year journey to put me first … kicking it into high gear to end this journey with a bang!

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