"If You Build It... They Will Come"

Remember the movie, Field of Dreams, when Kevin Costner was walking through the corn field and he started hearing voices saying “If you build it… they will come..”

Yep, that was my thought when I commenced on my book writing journey.  I mean, I have this wealth of knowledge on how to enable moms to be more intentional about their self care.  Surely, every mom would want to buy the book right away and my national best selling aspirations would be achieved in no less than 60 days.  Right?  The reality is that I do have an awesome book, with an awesome message that every mom needs to read.  However,  it is going to require some work to ensure that every mom owns a copy and feels empowered to take regular mommy breaks! 

Now aspiring entrepreneurs like myself are not the only ones that can fall victim to the “If You Build It .. They Will Come” type mentality.  Moms can become victim to it too!  Here’s how: 

“Clean The House… And It Will Stay Clean” - Have you ever discovered one of those Pinterest posts that have all of the handy dandy checklists on how to keep the house clean?  You read it and feel re-invigorated about the possibilities for your own home to be consistently clean.  OR you have the regularly scheduled housekeeper who comes every two weeks, and every time she leaves you think “This will be the time the house stays clean for more than two days"

“Give the Kids a Structured Schedule … And It Will Stick”  You vow to not raise lazy kids.  You create cute behavior and chore charts. Post them in the kitchen so that you walk past them everyday. You get the kids excited about the thought of a weekly “treat” for good behavior and completing their assigned tasks.  You are updating it … the kids are following it for about a good 3 - 4 weeks… and then mommy and/or daddy fall off and forget to update it regularly. When mommy and daddy are not consistent, the kids fall off quickly thereafter. 

MY FAVORITE: “Plan a Mommy Break… And I Will Go” Every mom will say it.  “I will not let this weekend go by without a moment to myself”   The reality: you get consumed with the kids activities, grocery shopping, and other weekend errands and flake out on yourself.  How many times have you told yourself or a friend “I am too tired to go out, I will pass.”

So how do we combat the “If You Build It… They Will Come” mentality (me and you both).  We set reasonable goals for ourself.  For me it is making sure I am consistently talking about the book and not going MIA on social media.  For you, it could be not necessarily committing to a long mommy break for the weekend but maybe just an hour while you are already out doing errands (without the kids).  Consistency and small manageable goals are the best way  to go to ensure a short term goal becomes a long term habit.   Cheers to consistency… the effort is worth it!


Have you recently taken a pretty huge goal and broken it up into manageable chunks?