Week #41 of 52: "Date Night" with Friends

You know a true sign you are starting to really enjoy working out on a regular basis?  When you are stressed about not meeting the minimum working out day goal that you set for yourself!    Earlier in 2017 I embraced that I will never be a woman that will go to the gym to workout on a random machine. I  truly enjoy group exercise classes and with the encouragement and nudging of a dear friend I tested out a new gym that I really enjoy.  Here are a couple of reasons why I love it: 

  1. There are women of all ages, shapes, and sizes which helps me to be comfortable in my own skin and not hyper-focused on someone else’s physique (even though that still happens from time to time)
  2. They offer hour long 5AM classes which is super conducive to my schedule as a working mom.  I am able to get up, workout, and come back home to wake up my kids (and my husband <joke —> kinda) and get them ready for school and myself ready for work. I just need to learn how to go to bed so I can get a solid 7 hours before waking up at 4:30am.  I am one that does not like working out after work because I am simply too tired. 
  3. They offer great variety in classes and the instructors are supportive but also challenge you to push yourself while you are in class. 
  4. They also offer a variety challenges throughout the year to provide intensive focus on reaching your weightloss and wellness  goals. I have not been intentional about creating the space for it but I see it in my future….. MAYBE 😊

So back to the mommy break.  I was stressing about me oversleeping for Thursday morning class when a group text came through in the middle of the afternoon asking if anyone was interested in going to Date Night. My first thought was “ugh this class is all about dancing and I am a rhythm-less nation”. But then I quickly snapped out of it and realized the goal was more important. So I came home threw dinner on (always build that mommy break equity mamas) changed clothes just in time for my girlfriend to pick me up. The Date Night class had an awesome instructor and was so much fun. We danced the entire class.  Yes I tripped over my feet…a couple of times but I had a great time and a great workout. Icing on top: coming home to kids who were just about done wrapping up their bedtime routine and my husband reminding me that he would take care of the kitchen. #winning

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