Week #22: Mommy Break #22 of 52: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles... But Not Quite a Mommy Break

Four days, three nights, two states, and 1 bbq are what ended week #21 and kicked off #22 in my mommy break project.  As a follow up to week #21, I was wrapping up a great weekend in Cleveland at a dear friend’s wedding and having the infrequent opportunity to reconnect with close friends.  I came home to my husband hosting a bbq for the wedding party he was apart of while I was in Cleveland, just to turn around and have to catch a 6AM flight to Dallas for a 24 hour work trip. 

SIDEBAR: That was REALLY challenging for me not have any control over the bbq.  My husband provided the meat.  I didn’t have time to get the house together or lay out a good spread of sides and accompaniments.  I just had to go with it… and that’s an area of opportunity for Nicole 😃 

Despite the significant time away from my 5YO and 6YO to qualify it all as an official “mommy break”, I walked away feeling absolutely exhausted.  Not at all the best mommy break given that based on my criteria, the breaks are supposed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, decompressed and ready to tackle whatever may be waiting for you.  Do you want to hear the icing on the cake?  The 24 hour business trip ended with the start of a 5 day trip my husband was taking to care for his mom (which was a necessity).    

My physical exhaustion was about to soon transition into mental exhaustion having to be a solo mommy to my loving but rambunctious children (hats off and infinite respect to single moms and non-single moms whose partners travel constantly requiring them do the “solo-mommy” thing day in and day). There was no space to regroup, recharge, or even sneak in a nap.  The surprising thing?  I did not complain, not even passive aggressively, during evening phone calls with my husband to recap the day. (personal growth moment) I planned out my time and weekend activities with the kids and made it happen.  

I don’t have any pictures this week… that’s just how hectic it was. 

Mommy Break Lesson Learned: If your schedule allows you to space out travel itineraries, take advantage of it.  Constantly on the go can leave you constantly exhausted. 

Mommy Break Tip:  When traveling for work, reach out to your friends (acquaintances) that live in that city to make sure you are making the most of trip. 

Mommy Break Chore tip: I find the best time to clean the bathroom is right before or right after you take a shower.  You are in there anyway, so take an extra 15 minutes to wash out the tub, vanity, sink, toilet and windex the mirrors. It will make a world of difference. 

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