Week #8 - Mommy Break #8: Run Nicole ... Run

Have you ever had the desire to really be good at something and it never quite comes to fruition for you?  That's me with running. When I moved to Chicago 13 years ago, one of the firs things that immediately struck me about the city was how active it was.  People running, walking, biking on the lakefront.  Triathlons and races being hosted throughout the spring and summer months.  I immediately had a desire to want to be apart of it all.  I wanted to be a runner!   My first for-ray was during 2007 and 2008 where I participated in a series off half marathons and sprint triathlons (where I almost killed myself due to the dumb idea of taking swim lessons while also tying to train. My times were slow but I finished. 

Fast forward 8 years later, and I was getting the running bug again, so I started to sign up for races here and there. I figured that would be the best way to learn how to love running.  I want to be bitten by the running bug so I can love it.  It hasn't happened yet 


This week was the first time that I really didn't feel like doing the break that I had planned - The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 5K.  However, I didn't really have the mental energy to think of something different to do.  I registered for it months before this Mommy Break Project came to fruition and my co-workers were counting on me to participate.  The problem is that all of my co-workeser are runners who love running.  You know the person who does 10 minute miles and goes to take a quick run to clear their head (this is not meant to be offensive because I really do want to be that person).  They knew that I averaged 13 -15 minute miles which was a slow jog and fast walk pace.  One teammate volunteered to run with me but as soon as she got a true sense of my pace, she disappeared. Five minutes later... my headphones die.  Yep... awesome mommy break.