My Mission... If I Choose to Accept It

Hello Mommies!    

My name is Nicole and I am a mom of two kids, Reese (6) and Roy(4).   I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being a mom and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my kids but over the last few years I have become quite clear that in order to be the best mom I can be... I need to be physically away from them and take a regular break.  My kids are often victims of mommy crankiness and sometimes they don't deserve it.   That is typically my key indicator that I need a break ASAP! I it for my own mental sanity and rejuvenation because, lets be honest... motherhood can take a lot out of you!  

I know I am not alone in these sentiments!  No matter how much of a mommy super hero you may be -- every mom needs a break.  My mission is to help moms reclaim their social life without forsaking their to do list.  Yes, "social life",  remember that phrase.  Its what most of us had prior to kids.  For me social life meant just having freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted.  For some moms it may have meant being a member of a thriving book club.  For others it could have been a running club or private tennis lessons.  It was having weekends to do whatever you wanted even if it meant nothing. It was trying new restaurants or planning a getaway just because.   It was being intentional about nurturing friendships with your best girlfriends. It was planning without restraints!

During pregnancy many of us pronounce that we are going to have me time and not be consumed by motherhood, but once you have that beautiful baby you quickly become aware of what this motherhood thing is really all about.  You may have the best intentions but by the time you take care of the kids, manage the household, go to work, complete your weekly errands including kid activity drop off and pick up there is not much time left for you.  You may have the most hands on partner/husband in the world, but the title of "Mommy" bears a unique burden that only we can address.  

Now there are some Moms who have it all figured out and take that regular moment for themselves, but there are many of us that need an accountability partner to ensure you don't forget about you!  Hence the launch of the MomMeHour.  I will be your accountability partner!  There are plenty of blogs that help you focus on being a better parent, raise happier/healthier well balanced children and build your mommy super powers, but this blog is about how to put you first.  I am going to be that weekly "nudge".  The little voice in your head, reminding you if you have done so already, take a moment for yourself with ideas on how to do it!  Every week I am going to encourage you to take an hour for yourself.  Some weeks that may be grocery shopping without the kids, but hopefully most weeks it should mean going to get a manicure or going to Starbucks to read your most recent issue of O Magazine.   Whatever you ideal refueling moment is. 

Not only do I want to help you reclaim your social life but I want to help you do it without feeling like you have to sacrifice your to do list.  Moms should not take time for themselves and then feel the dread of what will be waiting for them when they come home.  I truly believe we can have our cake and it too and our children will have happier more pleasant moms for it!  So thank you for joining me on this journey!  I  look forward to helping you reclaim your social life!  Its going to be fun!