Week #33 of 52: "Go Hubby...It's Your Birthday" and Giving Back

This week I had a lay up for the mommy break because it was my husband’s 43rd birthday.  (I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his age but who cares he looks great for 43).  I love holidays and birthdays.  I typically have visions of grandeur for all of it and then mommy reality sets in and I do something a little bit more toned down.  That disease “You Doin Too Much” always rears its ugly head.  Since his birthday fell on a Tuesday and we were going to Disney the following weekend (YAYYYYYY I can’t wait to tell you about it), I decided dinner would be the extent of the celebration but I tried to add to do my typical birthday rules: 

No Daddy Duty:  Typically on birthdays and Father’s Day, I like to absolve him of all Daddy responsibilities.  This includes but not limited to getting the kids ready, making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen after cooking, taking out the trash, taking and picking up the kids from school, and bedtime tasks (shower and story).  Its his day and I want to make sure that he does not obligate me to do ANYTHING on my birthday (“Do Unto Others…”).  I am sure you feel me moms. 

Birthday Breakfast: Because he was absolved of Daddy Duty, I encouraged him to leave a little early and treat himself to breakfast at one of his favorite spots before he headed into work.  He goes to work on his birthday.  I DO NOT, but more on that for my birthday post in February. 

Birthday Gift: So the way we manage our money, it all goes into one pot and we give each other a monthly allowance.  The allowance is not required to be spent on the spouse or the children unless you want to do something a little more special. Result:  the “house” ends up sponsoring gift giving.  My husband really wanted a new fitbit.  I was planning on that being his birthday gift until…. he did a costco run and decided to throw that in the list. “Happy Birthday”. 

Birthday Card: Over the 13 years I have been with my husband (married for almost 9), I have identified the things that he appreciates and the things that he does not.  One thing he appreciates: a random head and back rub just because.  One thing he does not appreciate given the amount of time I put into it: birthday and anniversary cards.  Hence, I have stopped stressing about picking the perfect birthday card and just write a love note on anniversaries.  He knows I love them.  Now don’t get me wrong! I LOVE cards and look forward to receiving them (and he knows that too). 

Birthday Dinner: Anniversaries and birthdays we splurge for dinner and try to go somewhere FANCY! This year I got reservations at RPM steak .  Great food, great ambiance, great service.  (Chicago folks put it on your list if you have not already gone).  I invited his two best friends because I know that would make the dinner extra special (not that he wouldn’t want to be with me exclusively for dinner… which will happen for our anniversary) but he is one who cherishes friendships and he goes all the way back to middle school with these too.  


The last thing that I had to get in place was the sitter.   Sitters really change the budget for an evening (LOL) but they are a necessity. I typically use Chime by Sittercity or a family friend.   The investment is worth it for sanity sake. 

Giving Back

A busy week ended on a good note.  I took Friday off to go be a judge at the Illinois Institute of Technology Interprofessional Day (IPRO), where students spend the semester addressing an opportunity within social, business, or technological innovation.  It may not sound day off worthy for some of you but it created a great opportunity to give back to the community that I live in.  My secondary motivation is that I would love to be an adjunct who teaches in the program so it give me great exposure to what it is all about.  I feel the YADOINTOOMUCH disease coming on but I will fight back!

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